Welcome Educators

Over the past several years, the team behind Stakeholder Business has been creating and testing training materials to help business leaders understand and implement the key practices that empower firms to perform across social, environmental, and financial metrics.  

We’re excited to make some of these materials available to you now at no cost.

AND we would love your help in improving these materials and adding new ones in the future. As such, we’d love to keep in touch with you so we can ask for your feedback, invite you to educator convenings, and notify you when new materials become available.

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Current Educational Materials


Documentary Feature

Beyond Zero is an award winning documentary feature film on the sustainability transformation of the global carpet company, Interface. The film has not been released publicly, but it is currently being screened in a variety of international classrooms as part of a limited educational pilot program.

As a result of early classroom tests, a companion curriculum has been developed for Beyond Zero including 13 lesson guides and classroom activities.  These were created for undergraduate business students but many of them can be easily adapted for more or less advanced students and for application in adjacent disciplines such as engineering and design.

The companion curriculum is managed in the spirit of the open-source movement and more materials are planned including a Spanish-language version. You can request access to these materials using the email form on this page.

Podcast Miniseries

Released on the 50th anniversary of the publication of Milton Friedman’s famous op-ed in New York Times Magazine, 10 Things you should Know About Stakeholder Capitalism is an acclaimed 10-part podcast miniseries that introduces the key ideas of stakeholder capitalism through eight compelling company case studies.

The podcast is freely available on all major podcast platforms and business educators and corporate executives alike have been using it for years to introduce stakeholder capitalism to their students and their teams.  Read more about the individual episodes and cases in 10 Things You Should Know About Stakeholder Capitalism.


There are many more insightful articles and inspiring case studies on the Stakeholder Business main site that will help your students understand the dynamic trends that are shaping the business world.

These materials are only the beginning. We’d love to share them with you, and we’d love to learn the awesome ways that you teach these ideas too. So let’s be friends. What do you say? Let us know who you are, and we’ll be in touch (but we won’t spam you — friends don’t do that).