About Us

Stakeholder Business is a collaboration between three inspired humans

who care deeply about ushering in the next paradigm of capitalism where business is building a world that works for everyone.

It can and it must happen.

Our work revolves around demystifying better ways of doing business and helping leaders implement these changes in their own organizations.  

What would you say you do here?

Yeah, fair question. 

Are you consultants? Yes, we help companies understand and implement this model, and we've trained leaders at every level. 

Are you a membership group? Yes, we built the Stakeholder Business Society to bring leading stakeholder business practitioners together.  

Are you content creators? Yeah, that too, including an award-winning documentary, writing for major business publications, and in-house content.  

We know, it’s a lot. Here’s the thing though — to get to a different place, you have to do things differently. We’re not satisfied with the status quo nor only taking one approach to change it. We’re in the business of pulling as many levers as possible to advance this way of thinking.

Founding Team

 Each of us brings a decade or more of leadership in the stakeholder capitalism arena, ranging from consulting with major companies, coaching leaders, creating award-winning documentary films, launching pioneering media companies, hosting internationally recognized events, and more.

Nathan Havey

As an authority on social, environmental, and financial sustainability in business, Nathan is an insightful speaker, trainer, and facilitator for corporate teams and university events. Nathan and a global team of collaborators have spent more than a decade building what is needed to affect that transformation.  

  • Nathan co-created (with Meghan) a live storytelling series and coached more than 130 business leaders in 14 cities to tell the story of how they aligned what they did for good with what they did for work. 

  •  As a consultant, he facilitated and continues to support the multi-year transformation of a large coffee franchise into a high-performing stakeholder business. 

  • He co-created and co-facilitated the global consultant certification program for Conscious Capitalism Inc, creating a global network of elite consultants.

  • Nathan convened the team that co-created the Stakeholder Score, a leading tool to help companies understand what matters, diagnose their opportunities, and measure their progress in the adoption of stakeholder business.

  • A believer in the transformative power of stories, Nathan also wrote and directed Beyond Zero, an award-willing film telling the story of legendary carpet company, Interface. Companies like KKR, UPS, and PwC and universities like Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, and the University of Michigan and their peers in Europe and Asia are using it to teach stakeholder business.

  • Nathan produced and directed the acclaimed podcast miniseries 10 Things You Should Know About Stakeholder Capitalism.

Meghan French Dunbar

Meghan has been a significant voice in the stakeholder capitalism movement for the last decade. A sought-after expert on business transformation, her passion centers on helping business leaders find more meaning and purpose at work. 

  • Meghan was the co-founder and CEO of Conscious Company Media (CCM), the authoritative content and event company for the stakeholder capitalism movement from 2015 - 2020. 
  • At CCM, she produced Conscious Company Magazine, the first nationally distributed print publication about the stakeholder capitalism movement, sold at Whole Foods Market, Barnes & Noble, Kroger, and more. 
  • She was the founder of World-Changing Women, the largest convening of purpose-driven female leaders in the U.S. 
  • She founded the Conscious Company Leaders Forum, a leadership event bringing hundreds of the biggest names in stakeholder capitalism together to share inspiring stories and best practices. 
  • Meghan created and hosted the World-Changing Women podcast, profiling women leaders in the stakeholder capitalism movement. 
  • Her leadership as CEO of Conscious Company Media was profiled in the book, The Healing Organization, as an example of how to create a healing organization. 
  • She is a sought-after speaker, taking the main stage at convenings like the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit, the Stagen Leadership Academy, and TEDx

Kent Gregoire

Kent is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, and investor who believes in aligning profits with people and the planet. He is passionate about helping other business leaders unleash the full potential of their organizations.

  • Kent launched his first manufacturing company at age 14. Since then, he has founded or co-founded more than 15 companies.
  • Kent has been the CEO of several  companies including a live-answering call service, corporate event planning, financial services, medical devices, college and university administrative software, non-ancillary healthcare benefits, web media, branding, executive centers, commercial playground equipment manufacturing, accounting, and more.
  • He has raised over $250 million in capital and negotiated the successful exit of 15+ companies, including his own and that of his clients.
  • Kent has been providing consulting and coaching services to C-level executives for over 35 years and is one of the first certified conscious capitalism consultants in the world.
  • He's a sought-after consultant who helps his clients build a 21st-century business model, foster a caring work culture, and provide strategic coaching for professional salespeople to C-level executives.
  • Kent is a coveted speaker who has shared his experience and insights to engage audiences around the world in venues such as the United Nations, the Entrepreneur’s Organization, FintechSouth, and many others.
  • He is a published author in the Harvard Business Review as well as a contributor to Inc.com and Forbes.