The Stakeholder Business Model

Bring your leadership and organizational performance to the next level with this transformational approach. 

Customize Your Experience

Our workshops meets you where you are on your journey, exploring key concepts including:

The Stakeholder Business Model

Learn what stakeholder business is and, more importantly, what it's not. We'll explore:

  • The distinctions between stakeholder business, ESG, CSR, sustainability, and more
  • What's needed to become a stakeholder business
  • Examples of thriving stakeholder businesses and their key lessons

The Promise of Stakeholder Business 

Business leaders worldwide say that stakeholder business leads to greater long-term value. But how exactly? Explore:

  • The specific benefits  of the stakeholder business model
  • How stakeholder capitalism creates new opportunities for your business
  •  What's needed to realize those benefits and opportunities

Adapting To A Shifting Business Landscape

Business leaders are contending with an ever-changing, complex business landscape. Explore: 

  • How stakeholder capitalism will help you rise to meet the shifting landscape of business 
  • What's needed to engage and build loyalty with employees, new talent, and customers
  • Specific practices that will make your organization more resilient during turbulent times 

Workshops range in length based on your needs and can be done virtually or in-person. Reach out to talk with our team and build the exact workshop that you're looking for. 

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